Campaigns diversity
IW has more than 3000 advertisers, with more than 9000 campaigns since 2003.

Unique Code
Webmasters are given a tag that show all available campaigns. It's not necessary to include campaigns into the tag. The system does it automatically. You can remove campaigns whenever you want from the webmaster panel. You will know at any time which campaigns are running in your website.

IW has a sophisticated geotargeting solution that assures specific campaigns for the traffic in each country the webmaster has visits from. We do not only work with Spanish traffic but also with traffic from all over the world (USA, UK, Argentina, Mexico, European Union,...) This way we try to obtain the best price for each country.

Campaigns are included into specific channels (games, tecnology, travel,...) In the network there is over 30 channels and 120 subchannels. We only accept quality sites in order for advertisers to reach their objectives. We do not accept personal webpages, webpages without a personal rool level domain, warez or similar sites.

We pay net 30 once you have reached 100 euros in your webmaster panel. If you do not reach this amount, you will keep it until next month.
We also have another services in case that you do not reach the minimu, in order to spend the money that you have earned, for example hosting, domains or even campaigns as advertiser in our network.

If your web has a large number of daily impressions (over 10.000 unique daily users from Spain) we can handle your inventory in a much more direct way representing you in front of media agencies. Contact us after you register so we can help you. To do so email